Local SEO Strategy

A website that only serves needs in a specific town or city should focus search engine optimization strategy locally. In lay terms, this means that it should make itself easily searched online by potential customers from its locale.  Sounds easy but for some its really difficult to do.  That’s just one concept — things that play a major part to that is are they high traffic keywords are they long tail keywords.  Will it drive the traffic to my site that I need?

This is the kind of SEO that will best profit a local business.  We specialize in local SEO or Geo targeting.

We Proform Local SEO Techniques On-page

Optimizing on-page means gearing meta tags and the page content to be search engine friendly. For an SEO campaign to focus locally, this entails using geographically-relevant keywords. Good, effective keywords in this category can be found through research. Regardless, the overall objective of any SEO effort remains the same in practicing this technique. The ultimate goal is still to gain search engine visibility and maintain quality content to attract visitors.

Miami-Retail-Internet-Marketing-webdesignMiami SEO

This client is based in Miami and can be found on the first page of Google for Waxing Spas in Miami.  Miamiwaxspa.net ‎was a redesign with responsive coding and local Miami seo. This was necessary for users with smart phones and tablet devices. This website was built with local seo in mind. This site includes it own reviews and customer feedback system. Social media driven therefor being one of the top Waxing Spa Salons in Miami.   The ultimate Miami SEO goal was to build traffic and convert users.


Attorney-SEO and Website DevelopmentAtlanta SEO

This client can be found on the first page for Expert Bankruptcy Attorney in Atlanta, along with its surrounding cities like, Sandy Spring Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, Brookhaven, GA Bankruptcy Attorney and more.  This site was also a responsive build along with geo targeting for seo.  Regardless, the overall objective of any SEO effort remains the same in practicing this technique. The  goal is still to gain visibility and maintain quality content to attract visitors and convert.

Belton Psychologist Local SEO

Belton SEO

This Belton Psychologist  insisted on keeping his template which made it a bit more challenging when optimizing.  When you Google Belton Psyscologist he can be found.  Locally with in Google Places in Belton, MO and also other part of KS. Other keyword terms this Psychologist can be found for are Belton Mental Health Psychologist and Belton Mental Counseling. With good, effective keywords within his practice he can be found.  Again the ultimate goal is to gain search engine visibility and maintain quality content to attract visitors.



We’ve done this for several different companies within various industries and we can do it for you.  We provide SEO for Doctors, SEO for LawyersSEO for the Beauty IndustrySEO for ManufacturesSEO for E-commerce websites and more. For the month of January we are offering an exclusive package for our local SEO program. Find out more details by clicking on the link below.


The-SEO-Stack1. Quality Content Is Important With SEO

For starters, search engines will check your bounce rate, which is the rate that people get to your site and immediately leave. So, in order for your SEO campaign to truly work, you’ll first need to be sure that your website is filled with quality content that people will want to see. This is why your keywords, which we’ll go over in the next section, should be woven seamlessly, and why you should present your readers with content that they will consider valuable and engaging.

2. Keywords and Phrases

Once you’ve created a website full of quality content, you can start worrying about more commonly discussed SEO practices. SEO is commonly known as the process of “stuffing” keywords and phrases into your website content, in order to let search engines know what said content is about. While SEO is much more complex than just that, you’ll still need to know the basics of this step.

  • Keywords and phrases are the words that people type into search engines when looking for information on a particular topic. If your website is in relation to SEO, for example, two keywords/phrases you’ll want to use are “SEO” and “search engine optimization”.
  • Search engines recognize a certain density above all others, which is 4-7%. This means that if your webpage is 1,000 words long, your keyword/phrase will need to appear 10-20 times.
  • Keywords should always be seamlessly woven into the content of your site. You can’t simple repeat “SEO” 15 times and think you’ve reached the correct density and therefore up your rankings; search engines are much smarter than that, and rely on other things to help them along in recognizing your site as one that deserves a higher ranking than another.
  • Always conduct keyword research using Google’s keyword tool. Type in the keyword you’re aiming for, and it will show you what keywords people are actually using. This will help you be more accurate in your keyword and keyphrase placement in your content and articles.

3. Backlinks

Another factor that search engines consider is how many sites have links to your site, as a reference. This compiled with a low bounce rate lets search engines know that people consider your website valid and valuable. You can take several steps to get more backlinks to your page. A few strategies are listed below.

  • Guest posting on other, related blogs will help your website rankings out because said blogger will likely allow you to backlink your site on their website. Start putting together some information you don’t mind giving away for free, and writing some articles in relation and submitting them to other blog sites.
  • Collaborating reviews are a great way to network and get other bloggers to publicly recognize your site while you’re also publicly recognizing theirs. If you’ve been keeping up with a blog that’s in relation to your own, contact the owner and see if they would be willing to do such a collaboration. In this case, you’ll be reviewing the blogger’s site/work on your own site, and the blogger will be reviewing your site/work on his/her on site, and each of you will be adding a backlinks into the posts.
  • Article directories are a popular and common way to get backlinks to your site. Simply start an account on a directory like ezinearticles.com and write informational articles and backlink to your own site.

4. Social Engagement

Once you’ve accomplished the other three aspects of SEO, it’s time to move forward and start promoting your business on social networking websites, like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn. This allows you to not only bring more traffic to your sites through the promotion which will up your Google ranking, but also give you more opportunity to put your keywords in more places on the web, and backlink to your website more often, incorporating the already mentioned factors of SEO.

Taking these four points of guidance will help you immensely in conquering the task of having a search engine optimized website. Remember your content quality, keywords, backlinks, and social aspects and your site will soon become noticed by search engines and start rising in the ranks.

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